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Coral Tree Blossoms

***** Location: North India
***** Season: Winter
***** Category: Plant


Coral tree (Erythrina indica)
These trees bloom for a relatively short time in Jan-March in North India.
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Johannes Manjrekar


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Erythrina is a genus of tropical and subtropical flowering trees in the Family Fabaceae and distributed in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. The name coral tree is used for many of these trees. Many species of Erythrina have bright red flowers, and this may be the origin of the common name (Greek ερυθρος).

However, the growth of the branches can resemble the shape of sea coral, and this is an alternative source for the name. In horticulture, the name "coral tree" is used to refer to any red-flowered member of the genus. Not all species of Erythrina have bright red flowers; the Wiliwili (E. sandwicensis) has extraordinary variation in its flower colour, with orange, yellow, salmon, green and white all being found within natural populations. This striking color polymorphism is likely unique in the genus.

There are about 130 species in the Genus Erythrina, some of them well known, as they are used widely in the tropics and subtropics as street and park trees, especially in drier areas. Some, such as the bucares of Venezuela, are used as shade trees for coffee or cacao crops. They grow up to 30 meters in height.

Erythrina variegata (syn. E. indica Lam., E. variegata var. orientalis (L.) Merr.; Tiger's Claw, Indian Coral Tree and Sunshine Tree) is a species of Erythrina native to the tropical and subtropical regions of eastern Africa, southern Asia, northern Australia, and the islands of the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean east to Fiji.

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coral tree blooms
on the street a dancing bear
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Johannes Manjrekar, India, February 2008

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