Henna (mehandi)

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Henna (mehandi, mehendi, (mehndi)

***** Location: India, Yemen
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Can anyone imagine an Indian wedding without the tantalizing mehandi?

The highly decorative designs on the hands of the bride and on the hands of all the woman folks of the family makes the marriage ceremony very colourful Mehandi is a part and parcel of the Indian traditions from ancient times.

Being herbal it has no side effects having a beautiful fragrance and is very cooling to the body.

Now-a-days we have such intricate floral patterns and designs in mehandi

It looks a lot like tattoo without the torture!

Recently I read an article in the news-papers that Hollywood has taken to mehandi in a big way!

A bride after her marriage steps into her husbands house, taking all his relatives as her own - for joint family was generally prevalent in those days.

With so many members in the household cooking and preparing the meals become a big ordeal for the women.

By custom, the bride returns after a month for a short holiday to her parents house. . .and mehandi generally should last for quite a while . . .

. . . if it has been washed away then it becomes clear that the new bride has been asked to do a lot of work in her in-law's house!

A big give-away?
Mehandi is also used widely as a hair colour . . .

Kala Ramesh


Mehandi laga ke rakhna ...

THE henna-artist is all set to trace a handful of chuckling green flowers on the canvas of your skin. No wonder, you are so excited about the entire exercise. Here are some tips.

If you have already applied mehndi, remember not to dip your hands in detergents for long. Also avoid using detergent-based shampoos for washing tresses. You can use a glove in case of an emergency.

In case, you have an appointment with the henna-artist, make sure your hands and arms are grime-free before you request him to display his talent on your palms. Also, applying cold cream a night before will only leave your hands supple. Go for it.

Again, get rid of the loathsome tan if you plan to get blooming calendulas neatly drawn on your lucid arms. You can take professional help. Or else, take help of the “desi” remedies.

You and your friends can get together and call a henna artist to your place. It is going to be convenient, especially if you wish to get the design traced on your feet and legs. Otherwise, request someone to drive you to him.

After the henna artist has performed his feat and the henna is dry, apply limejuice after every two hours for the entire day. That’s all folks, happy colouring.

The Tribune
Wednesday, October 19, 2005, Chandigarh, India



A site for henna history and traditions and techniques by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, henna researcher, lecturer, author, and specialist on henna.


Designs for the hands and feet.


Worldwide use


Hennah --
A fortune teller
talks about my way

haiku and haiga by ... Heike Gewi Yemen

Kigo Hotline, April 2008


Things found on the way


mehandi . . .
her hands reddish-orange
smells of leaves

spring breeze ...
he holds her
mehandi hands

hair in shades
of the earth

Kala Ramesh


pinchu kannangalai
thodum marutaani kaikal ~
kuzhandaiku koocham


mehandi palms
touch the soft cheeks ~
the baby giggles

Narayanan Raghunathan


new moon: the paleness of your palm

Palms are facinating aspects of the hand. They are already laden with an ancient script. An empty palm a perfect place for symbology.

fingertip pressed to palm -- mehandi

"chibi" (pen-name for Dennis M. Holmes)



the fallen leaves-
mehndi pattern on her hands

- Shared by Manu Kant -
Joys of Japan, 2012


grinding henna leaves
the soft tinkle of her bangles
against the pestle

- Shared by Sandip Sital Chauhan -
Joys of Japan, August 2012


mehandi ceremony
with moist eyes the mother
kisses daughter's forehead

- Shared by Mandeep Maan -
Joys of Japan, October 2012


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