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Waxing Moon, Moondraam pirai

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Moondraam pirai . . . the crescent moon on the third day is so important for Indians.

In Tamizh - Moondru means three and seeing the new moon on the third day is considered very auspicious.

Hindus generally do all things on the waxing moon, the first 15 days when the moon grows . . . never on the days the moon wanes, for psychologically they feel that success is guaranteed with the growing moon!

New moon is called Amavasya

Full-moon is called Poornima or Paurnami

And how many babies have been fed in the mouth by distracting them with the Chanda mama

Mama means uncle and Chandra is the moon

Chandra-mukhi - the moon faced one!

Kala Ramesh

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moondraam pirai . . .
with glasses on she sees
a faint line . . . just

trimming . . .
her hair will grow along . . .
with the crescent moon

poornima . . .
highlights the contour
of each pebble

Kala Ramesh

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1 comment:

. Gabi Greve said...

A wonderful sequence of moon poems.

Shall I wait for the wax of the moon -- I will thank you now and
again then.

the thinning grin of the moon -- thank you

the widening grin of the moon -- thank you


ai... chibi