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Various Haiku

by Narayanan Raghunathan

asleep on the lotus
a dragonfly dreams floral
armies of dragons

bristling butterfly
brewing vintage nectar
on an yellow flower ~

in the shadows
shrubs grow breeze wings
like butterflies

three butterflies
sway around the pram ~
the mother smiles ~

nameless flowers
sway in the cool breeze ~
a butterfly names them ~

buzzing free
through spring breeze
a humble bumblebee ~

apple-blossom ~
a baby ant hides
from its mother

giant leaf breathes
sunlight ~ a beatle walks
on its green webs ~

spring lake ~
a lone swan cleaves
watery sunlight

monsoon clouds array
on the car front glass ~
a peacock's loud cry

monsoon respite ~
a gardenia sucks sunlight
into its being

a fog descends to
drape the mountain ~
sunlight in the valley

fallen leaves
weave a cool breeze
on the bamboo bridge ~

sunlight sways
on the stair case ~
Raaga Darbaari
by Daagars ~

Darbaari Kaanada ~ A very famous Hindusthaani Raaga. ~~~~ Daagars ~ A great traditional family of Dhrupad Music Exponents.

spring breeze ~
a grasshopper searches
rainbow labyrinths

Quoted from Happy Haiku.


forest dissolves
in luminous rain ~
a snake crawls on

twilight clouds ~
temple bells echo
in bird songs

mountain breeze
so gentle not a leaf stirs ~
scent of jasmines ~

two swans peck
the granite hill in
the lotus waters ~

clouds shine in
the breeze ~ four cranes
ascend the sky

whiff of clouds
in my morning tea ~
Himalayan summer

Indian summer ~
lady bug examines
sun on a red car ~

Himalayan valley ~
another mountain grows
autumn clouds ~

autumn twilight ~
song of Ganges cleaves
the sunny stones ~

breeze flutters
the moonlight mountain ~
still clouds

still lake
in moonlight ~
a still
red canoe

wonder dreams ~
old woman watches
fairy butterflies ~

a butterfly examines
vast human architecture
for floral designs ~

in a Gothic palace ~
a princess
with a lute

winter night ~
howling hurricanes
in astral dances ~

Quoted from Happy Haiku.


koil sings ~
hibiscus splashes
sunlight reds

clouds assemble
over London autumn ~
Thames flows on ~

Mother Jhaanhavi
descends the Himaalayas
in sacred dance ~

Jhaanhavi is another name for river Ganges.

jungle path ends
in jungle sounds ~
a peacock rises

green labyrinths
cover the infinite sky ~
twittering birds ~

forsythia blossoms
glisten fresh day-dreams ~
a dragonfly explores

summer winds ~
twilight sky augurs
the last silences

yellow violas
raaga basant on flute
a pink butterfly

viola in sunlight ~
four butterflies flutter
but none alight ~

a white flower ~
a spot of sunlight
just on one petal

we eat pancakes
drink apple juice, under
the cherry tree

pond lily
in moon-light
a silent frog

Pathless Path ~
cherry blossoms breeze
in cuckoo songs

hydrangea bed ~
a dragonfly, a honeybee
in sunlight chats

amarilly's heart()
tender pistils render
music on ruby petals~

two solitary plum
blossoms hang in sunlight
whisper fragrant silences ~
[To Amanda]

sunlight soaked
roses in plastic bags~
confused butterfly

shift on winter sky ~
a solitary vulture

pink petal tip ~
a raindrop holds still
a blue sky ~

hilltop view ~
watching a new sky
with a pink butterfly

Quoted from Happy Haiku.

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