Republic Day

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Republic Day

***** Location: India
***** Season: Winter
***** Category: Observance


India ~ Republic Day, 26th January

The rich tradition and culture of India reflects India’s true blends of rich flavours of harmony. The Independent India is a struggle for freedom. India became a Republic and the constitution came into force on January 26, 1950. The Constituent Assembly was convened and appointed a committee with Dr. B.R.Ambedkar as Chairman to draft the Constitution. India declared herself to be a Soveriegn Democratic Republic. The Indian Constitution, the longest in the world, consist 397 articles and 12 schedules which provides for a single citizenship for the whole of India.

It gives the right to vote to all citizens of 18 years and above, unless they are disqualified. Fundamental rights are guaranteed to the citizens, equality of religion and so on. The Supreme Court, consisting of the Chief Justice of India and other judges, is the guardian of the Constitution. It stands at the apex of a single integrated judicial system for the whole country. This is where the fundamental rights of the citizens are protected.

The first Republic Day Parade was held at Irwin Stadium (the present National Stadium). The
hoisting of the national flag by the President and a parade of units representing all the armed
forces are the highlights of the ceremonies. Since many years, the Republic Day Parade starts
from Rashtrapati Bhavan and winding its way through the heart of the city, ends at the historic
Red Fort in Old Delhi.

"Thou Brave, be One! Behold, take courage, be proud that thou art an Indian and Proudly proclaim "I am an Indian. Every Indian is my fellow mate."
– Vivekanand



The chief attraction of the republic day ceremony is the full display of India's military might. Thousands of soldiers selected to represent different regiments march down the road from India Gate and the Rashtrapati Bhawan.
The President of India receives the salute.

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Republic day parade ~
three aeroplanes air-trail
the tricolour flag ~

acrobatic pilot ~
after the show he
wins a gold medal

mock war ~
nobody dead, but
lots of bombing

helicopter rains
flowers ~ the President
salutes the army

Narayanan Raghunathan


Friday, 26th January -
the Republic Day
an extended weekend

Manu Kant
Joys of Japan, February 2012

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