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Rollerskates, Roller-skates, roller skates

***** Location: India, worldwide
***** Season: All Summer
***** Category: Humanity


This is one sport that is becoming very popular in India.

Schools encourage this sport for its easy to learn . . . and children do well in competitions.

Since we do not have snow and ice . . . ice-skating is extremely rare.

Roller-skates on roads and hilly slopes is very common in Pune - where I live.

We have roller-skating clubs on apartment terraces . . . It's fun to see kids moving on wheels. . . so effortlessly

Kala Ramesh

Worldwide use

Roller Parade in Belgium

Roller skating is a very popular summer activity in Belgium. Brussels boasts the "Roller Parade" every Friday evening during summer months, when roller skaters, plus some cyclists, follow a set (but varying) route round the centre of Brussels, some 20 km or so, under police protection.

I happened to be standing at a street corner, chatting with a friend, one Friday evening this summer, when the police arrived and cordoned off the street, then followed the lead car playing good rhythmical music, a group of roller skaters distributing sweets to the bystanders, and finally a large group of skaters in the gathering dusk, many with headlights shining on their helmets, dashing along at
terrific speed. The cyclists following them, had some problems keeping up! The whole parade was closed by a first aid van, gathering in the skaters who had given up (very few indeed).

Brussels now allows roller skaters to use cycle lanes (and they have often overtaken me on the bike), and several police officers have been trained to work on skates in various settings.

Isabelle Prondzynski

Things found on the way


roller-skates . . .
taking the street-corner
the curve of her hips

Kala Ramesh


deepening dusk
bunch of lights, gliding helmets --
roller parade

Isabelle Prondzynski


saw this one in lancaster county:

it is fall, raining, yellow leaves on dark asphalt, traffic jam in a tiny amish town. sitting. sitting. taking comfort in the beauty of the fallen leaves. a fiftysomething amish man, carrying an umbrella to keep him dry, rolls by on his neongreenwheeled rollerblades, passing us all...

passing the traffic jam
the amish man
on roller blades

susan delphine delaney
plano, texas

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