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N.K. Singh

He lives in the Himalayan forest, where snail mail is not delivered but the Internet works !

HAIKUS, Poems & Sketches
N.K.Singh and Petra Golob



Prof N.K.Singh had been a Management Advisor with UNDP Headquarters in New York and studied key issues in performance, including human resource development and institutional effectiveness in the Sub-Saharan countries. A report on" Human Resources and Institutional development was prepared by him along with a team of Consultants from other UN agencies and this has been published by UNDP.

Earlier, as Management Advisor with International Civil Aviation organization (ICAO), he did research and consultancy during 1989-91 for the government of Tanzania, Ethiopia and Malawi, besides work at ICAO Headquarters, Montreal. He had again a short stint with UNDP/ICAO as Management Consultant in Indonesia in 1993. On UNDP project, he developed two management courses and taught MBA students at Bishkek International Business School, Kyrgystan (ex-USSR).

Prior to 1981, he worked in the public sector steel industry (SAIL) for two decades and was actively associated with productivity and management movement. As Chief Executive of All India Management Association (AIMA) from 1983 to 1985, he turned around the institution with record turnover. He was Chairman, Management Development Institute and Professor of organizational Behavior (1985-86).

He was Chairman, International Airports Authority of India (IAAI) from 1986 to 1989 and member of the board of Air India and Indian Airlines. He brought about a turnaround of IAAI, which was receiving Government subsidy of Rs 20.00 crores (U.S.$5 million approx.) annually prior to his taking charge. On his completion of tenure in 1989, it turned totally self reliant with Rs 110 crores (U.S.$30 million approx.) profit and entered the list of top ten profit making government companies in India.

He is founder and former President of Foundation for Organisational research and Education (FORE), and its School of Management in Delhi. He also headed the Planning Commission of India's Task force on `Self managed institutions for Integrated Development' in 1992. He is Founder- Advisor of Asian Airlines Association of Human Resource Development (AAHRD) and received a plaque of honor at Kuala Lumpur for his contribution to Human Resource Development. He has been member of the World Board of International Civil Airports Association and Regional President of its Asia-Pacific Zone.

He received the International Meridian Gold Award in 1987 for his contribution to Aviation and National Citizenship Award in 1989 and Gem of India Award in 1992 for institutional development. A National Intellectual Honor was conferred on him in 1996. He was part-time Chairman, national Shipping Board, Ministry of Surface Transport (1992-97).

Born in 1937 in Lahore, Prof Singh is B.A. (Hons.), University Medallist, M.A. (Psychology), Fellow, National Institute of Personnel Management. Topped in one-year Special Executive Development Programme of Indian Institute of Public Administration. He has lectured at McGill University, Montreal. He has directed management seminars at Bangkok, manila, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Brussels, Kathmandu, Dhaka, Jakarta and many other counties. He was conferred Hony. Professorship by Morton Institute of Management, Brisbane, Australia. Member of the Board and Professor at Brussels School of Management, Brussels for masters in Cross- cultural management.

He is an author of 12 books on management, three poetry books and an organizational novel, besides a number of research papers. As a columnist, he has published articles in various daily newspapers. He has also held a number of exhibitions of his paintings and drawings. Presently, he is founder-President of Shivalik Vikas Sangh, an NGO and LEARN, an institution of Saraswati Trust. Currently he has prepared plans for development of Manipur state on invitation from the Government and for Himachal Pradesh(2005).

His biography appears in World's Who's Who published in the United States of America.

September 2006


falling snow flakes
ready to melt
in my open arms

© Photo and Haiku : N.K.SINGH, India, 2006


all of them bend
one by one these kids
to look at the snail

World Haiku Club India MEET at Pune


1800 years old beauty
allurs me still
adding one more year

© Photo and Haiku : N.K.SINGH, India, December 2006


first frost
on green fields imitates
my gray scalp

© Photo and Haiku : N.K.SINGH, India, January 2007


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shanna said...

very very nice

Anonymous said...

I was enchanted by the fact that the book of haikus I wrote together with my dear friend prof. NK Singh many years back was obviously reprented (a different cover).
How wonderful to know that you are beeing read.
Keep on the good work promoting this unique poetry.
Petra Golob

Anonymous said...

Guddi liked the photos and poetry.
22nd November,2007
Professor K K Kaushik

डा० जगदीश व्योम said...

very nice
Dr.jagdish vyom