Shyam Santhanam

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Shyam Santhanam

Short Biography:
I am 23 years old, male software engineer residing in Pennsylvania, USA. I have been writing haiku for about 4 years.

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white lilies sparkle
on turquoise water ~
gold fishes dance ~

Webworks Haiku


earth glitters
watery silence ~ trees
hush after-rain scents

India Saijiki, Silence (maun)


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Anonymous said...

distant thunder ~
a glimpse of the moon
through cloud rhythms

stars in mist ~
cool breeze coaxes
a cricket song

clouds reveal
fig tree in moonlight ~
crickets begin a song

an eagle glides low ~
a sparrow chases him
asking his secret

a swarm of eagles
gather on a cloud ~
a setting sun

summer stillness ~
a butterfly samples
each tree's shadow

misty night ~
wild geese stir cackling
from spring dreams

long walk home ~
the crescent moon drifts
in bonfire scents

a treasure of light ~
underwater rocks wobble
with many suns

our primal home, here
the sourceless river ends
in the endless fields

the last winter ~
cities with no humans
fade into pure silence

the sky is golden
the sea, a little blue ~
we await the moon

butterfly immersed
in green silences ~
now, a desire to fly

mountains incant
the dawn sky, vast in
cloud mantrams

it looks new always
the old path from the gate
to my cottage doorstep

floral worlds in sunrise ~
hey yellow butterfly
here, there and everywhere

winter beach ~
the sun and the moon chat
over twilight waves

golden flower bed ~

the wind rolls on

in waves of green

sunlit rocks ~
a dragonfly arrives
at the forest pond

sprouting from
the twilight sky,
a golden lotus

emerging from
the hillside trees, a deer
scans the horizon

summer breeze laps
the blossoming tree ~
an elephant snores

floral dreams ~
we walk in the scent
of butterfly songs

rainbow waters
descend the mountain ~
eagles in sunlight

spring raptures ~
sparrows dive into
flaming gulmohr

luminous being
in seamless Lotus worlds ~
the Buddha butterfly

dawn clouds over
the alpine town ~
the postman hums
on his bicycle

a stag, solitary
among sunlit grass ~
distant human voices