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Trecking, Trek

***** Location: India, worldwide
***** Season: Monsoon in India
***** Category: Humanities


Even though all through the year we have treks . . .
The monsoon months are mostly favoured by the Punekars for the simply reason that the hills are green and on each trek we have 4 to 5 waterfalls . . . and it is heavenly to walk amongst the rain clouds!

People in Pune – young and old - are fond of Trekking.

Pune was King Shivaji's native place and to thwart the Moghal invasion from penetrating further into the peninsula, Shivaji Maharaj built various forts in the Sahyadri range of mountains.

and thus Pune has innumerable such beautiful caves and forts . . .

We have around 350 professional trekking clubs in Pune alone and there are many others in Bombay and other places in Maharashtra.

Kala Ramesh


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Things found on the way


My trek to Bhorgiri and Bhimashanker with a Shiva temple at the top of Bhimashanker hill
We have the Bhima river flowing ... and with the heavy monsoons we were having this year, it was really flowing!

We enter the forest . . . a long steep climb to sight small yellow butterflies and flying squirrels!

Our trek leader said that there were mongooses and monkeys too but all that we saw were the snake holes and giant ant hills . . .

By the time we reached the top it was evening – the thick fog made the place look like we were on the great Himalayas . . .!

trek . . .
we plod our way up
to little butterflies

hill climbing:
my neck feels the force
of rains

back home:
describing the mountains
night lingers . . .

Kala Ramesh, 2005


Sanjay's Jhomalhari Classic Trek
Bhutan April 2003

a distant bark
as prayer flags flutter
sentinel over lone home

yaks come and go
of white and black
true rastafarian look
but very meek

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Copyright © Jonathan Machen

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Sanjay's classic trek in Bhutan!

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