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Marella Ram Vinodh (YAJUSHI)

Dear ALL

This is to report the untimely demise of *Mr M Ram Vinodh* (he wrote under the name of YAJUSHI). He passed away on the night of 30th Sep while having his dinner. His entire family was with him.

He was a heart patient and was not keeping too well for the last 1 month.

M Pawan Kumar
(son of M Ram Vinodh (YAJUSHI))
October 9, 2006


autumn deepens -
a last sunray
on the pines

early morning sun -
a single bright branch
over the grave

Gabi Greve, October 10, early morning in Japan

For you, my friend, let us share this morning !

misty morning -
a black and white world
behind the graves


this life—
a soap bubble beautiful
before it bursts

In fond memories of Yajushi
Kala Ramesh

I would like to paste one mail of Yajushi from the many we shared while writing the Triparshva renku . . . an experience that is deeply etched in my mind.

Norman and Kala,

My choice would be:

her voice
mango-blossoms fresh
fills the concert hall

mango blossoms have a freshness and you need to taste them to experience the uniqueness (we have 'ugadi pachadi' - a combination of mango blossoms, neem blossoms, tamarind,jaggery and salt - representing 5 different tastes on the ugadi day -30th march) .

Norman and Kala -- you two have the final word.


Here's to you my dear friend,
That though I never got to meet you personally or talk to you, you will be there always in my heart, more so every time I think of our experiences that we [ Norman, you and I ] shared while writing the renku.



Some Haiku posted by Yajushi at
Happy Haiku Forum

went to seek wool
came back shorn

while passing
the grave yard

good divorce . . .
bad days
worse nights

Message #3094

trembling, she said:
" sans help, he hanged himself--
the picasso"

he stretched
his neck
at the hanging

Message #3074

face the rain
don't lose face
following the wife's instructions

the young hawk, I was
the half plucked drake
I am

"I'm not drunk",
he said
manipulating his tongue

Message #3031

an athelete
he married
ran away in no time!

an icy shiver
chilled his spine
the fire eater!

whatever else
she had to hurry
---for he was late!

all new ideas
carry a seed
...just in case

Message #3027

the prisoner
locked up
for escaping

the professor
locked up
for free thinking

locking himself in
the old man
..free atlast!

Message #3018

... ... ... Chinese Dinner

chop sticks

standing noodles
plate to mouth

chinese tea
two handed

the waiter
us over

closing time
the waiter relaxes
... his mouth

[:p] .. Message #3011

bird shit in my eye
cows can't fly
thank God!

nude beach~~~
in diversity

he barely fit
in the cradle...
in the coffin

Message #2997


Quote from .. Falling Leaves BLOG

Monday, October 09, 2006
In memory of Yajushi

My heart is heavy with the news that the Indian poet, Yajushi (M Ram Vinodh), passed away on 30th September in Hyderabad, in the company of his family.

Writing collaborative poetry with someone allows you to get to know them is a unique way, and I think this is undoubtedly true of the time that Kala Ramesh and I spent working with Yajushi on our Triparshva renku, The Hawk's Grand Swoop .

That collaboration was dedicated to the memory of Yajushi's mother, who died during the time of our composition, "having lived to see one thousand moons". How very sad that now her son should pass away just a few short months later.

I will treasure my memories of our writing together. Let me remind you of some of his insightful contributions to that renku. First the opening verses:

the winter sun -
its slow rise above
the hawk's grand swoop /Kala

on the corner
men huddle around a fire

From the very start of our writing, I could feel a togetherness among the poets, as we shared a warmth of spirit and emotion, huddled around our fire of mutual companionship.

And how strange it is, when reading over the poem now, how some of the verses seem prescient. These three come at the end of the second movement:

our shadows bend and rise
around the scarecrow

rich and poor
on towers of silence
underneath one moon /Norman

without a thought
the dragonfly floats away /Kala

Farewell, dragonfly! Journey safely, wherever you may be going.

Norman Darlington


> scrape of dry leaves
> the moon does not emerge
> from behind the clouds

Johannes Manjrekar


Divali 2006,
in memory of our dear member at WHCindia


***** Haiku in India



Anonymous said...

For the sake of memory

during sunset
dipple and dapple waves
shrinking to deep ocean deep

Bam Dev, Nepal


Anonymous said...

A brother has passed away

I am devastated. Yajushi was a gentle, caring soul who gave much to our little world.
I bow to you, my brother. You live on and on.

a feather
passing through the
onto the hand
of Krisna

robert wilson

Anonymous said...

so many haiku
friends around the world –
I will never meet