Birla Planetarium

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Birla Planetarium

***** Location: India
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Lights off,
orders the Assistant Director of Birla Planetarium.
You hold your breath as the cosmic world revolves around you – twinkling stars, shooting meteoroids, the rotating solar system and the undulating contours of the red planet, Mars. The spectacular show goes on, with the city of Chennai radiantly resplendent against the night sky.
An ethereal experience that almost makes you feel one with the sparkling universe.

Galleries display exhibits of the interactive variety. So, you can participate directly in the learning process and satisfy your curiosity about scientific principles and developments taking place in Science and Technology from time to time. So what if you’re not the scholarly type or gifted with a scientific bent of mind? Exhibits are designed to catch your attention. The Solar System, Cycle of Stars, Sky and Seasons, Comets, Man on the Moon - exciting celestial topics envelop you in a unique imbibing process. Incidentally, they also happen to be the highlights of the Planetarium’s unique programs since its inception in 1988.

What’s more, the planetarium plays home to the most modern, sophisticated and versatile GM II projector. The accompanying special effects projector, recreates some of the most awe inspiring heavenly phenomena on the specially perforated aluminium inner dome.
A truly magnificent experience!

Tamilnadu Science & Technology Centre
Gandhi Mandapam Road
Chennai- 600 025

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Birla Planetarium -
the childlike joy
of an old man

Gabi Greve
October 2009
Inspired by a good friend from India.

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anonymous said...

Hi Gabi
Thanks for writing about this wonderful place. This brought me back the memories of a visit with my children.