Marathi New Year's Day


Marathi New Year's Day

***** Location: India
***** Season: Spring
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The Hindu (Indian) calendar as a whole is based on the phases of the moon (lunar calendar). Traditionally it is called chandramana. However some of the Indian states celebrate according to the solar calendar.
Ugadi (Telugu) or Yugadi (Kannada) or gudipadva (Marathi) is the new year day of those ethnicities of India who celebrate the new year according to lunar calendar.
(UGADI : literally - the start of an era).

On this day in Telugu households Ugadi Pachadi, a traditional cuisine consisting of mango, dried neem petals , jaggery, tamarind, a bit of salt and one or two chillies is prepared. It is first offered to God and then taken as Prasad (sacred offering). It has all the six traditional tastes (shdrasas) in it. This reinforces the fact that life is an amalgam of a variety of tastes (experiences) and one has to take it in one’s stride.

The first month of the traditional new year is chaithra. Ugadi signifies the arrival of Vasantha Ritu (Spring season) the first of the six prime seasons in the traditional Indian calendar. The season is also famous for the “sonnets” of the cuckoos. On this day In the house holds and in the Temples and other holy gatherings the recital and narration of the traditional almanac (Panchagam ) is done. This ceremony is called “Panchaga Sravanam”. People crave to know about their rasi phalam (Fore cast based on traditional zodiac signs) for that year. Children wear new clothes and take the blessings of the elders.

This is the season when Jasmines start blossoming. With the taste of raw mangos enticing you and the flavours of Jasmine enchanting you, this festival ushers in tenderness and freshness. It is the most inspiring season for the poets too. Even a lay man turns into a poet. Believe me the festival is a delightful indulgence. No need to say, verses written eulogising the festival are as beautiful as the festival itself.
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sunset . . .
the cuckoo repeats
his morning song

Kala Ramesh


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Gudi Padwa . . .
her new sari with
the yellow border

Gabi Greve, 2010

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