Falgun, Fagun, Phalgun, Phagun

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12) Falgun/ਫੱਗਣ
Falgun (February March)

Life blooms all around full of color, music, hope and ecstasy. The trees, the flowers, the singing waters, the dancing skies, suggest a celebration of life, an awakening of the soul.
Routed…a new beginning as life is awaken from the sleep again

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(Devanagari/Nepali:फाल्गुन) is the eleventh month in the नेपाली Nepali calendar Bangla Calendar and the Bikram Sambat.
This also marks the arrival of spring,the sixth and final season in Nepal and Bangladesh.
The first of Falgun usually falls on the 13th February of the Gregorian Calendar.

The first day of Falgun is marked with colourful celebration of the advent of spring. Traditionally, women wear yellow saris to celebrate this day. During the month of Falgun people celebrate Holi which they call it
Fagu (Devanagari/Nepali:फागु).
During this celebration of Fagu they play with colors and water. The full moon is called the "Fagu Poornima" (Devanagari/Nepali:फागु पूर्णीमा).
In Bihar they call it the Phagwa (Devanagari:फागवा) all of these have the same pronunciation (Falgun, Phalgun, Phalguna, Fagu, Phagwa) and in Indian community "F" is repeatedly replaced with "Ph" to generate the similar sound especially while translating Devanagari words into English.

The name Falgun is derived from the Vikram Samvat calendar and it is also used in the Hindu calendar, where it is pronounced Phalguna.
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Fagun morning
intermingled sun rays
and moon beams

Shared by Charan Gill
Joys of Japan, February 2012


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