Baobab tree


Baobab tree

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Adansonia is a genus of eight species of tree, six native to Madagascar, one native to mainland Africa and the Arabian Peninsula and one to Australia. The mainland African species also occurs on Madagascar, but it is not a native of that island.
A typical common name is baobab. Other common names include boab, boaboa, tabaldi, bottle tree, upside-down tree, and monkey bread tree. The generic name honours Michel Adanson, the French naturalist and explorer who described A. digitata.

Adansonia digitata L. – African Baobab (western, northeastern, central & southern Africa, and in Oman and Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula, Asia)

The Savanaur Baobabs are three trees of 14–18 m girth, believed to be 5000 years old, which can be found in Savanur, Karnataka, India.
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Adansonia digitata

source : www.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca

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Things found on the way

The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince)
by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry (1900–1944).

. . . . . The author had held back several drawings from the book which were displayed at the library's exhibit, including fearsome looking baobab trees ready to destroy the prince's home asteroid, as well as a picture of the story's narrator, the forlorn pilot, sleeping next to his aircraft. That image was likely omitted to avoid giving the story a 'literalness' which would distract its readers.
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baobab trees
still grow in my memories -
dear Little Prince

Gabi Greve

source : en.lepetitprince.com


a hint of monsoon -
a koel's call from the baobab tree
and i have no wings . . .

Shared by Rosie Mann
Joys of Japan, August 2012


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