Garhwali songs


Garhwali songs

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The Garhwali language (गढ़वळि भाख/भासा)
is a Central Pahari language belonging to the Northern Zone of Indo-Aryan languages. It is primarily spoken by the Garhwali people (गढ़वळि मन्खि) who are from the north-western Garhwal Division (गढ़वाळ) of the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand in the Indian Himalayas.
. . . . . Garhwali is one of the languages which is shrinking very rapidly. UNESCO’s Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger designates Garhwali as a language which is in the unsafe category and requires consistent conservation efforts.

In the last few decades many Garhwali folk singers like Narendra Singh Negi, Pritam Bhartwan and many more have roused people’s interest in Garhwali language by their popular songs and videos. On average there is one movie in four or five years in Garhwali.
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Veteran Garhwali singer laments falling standard of folk songs
Uttarakhand is known for its culture, folk music, dance and other traditional practices. The folk music of Uttarakhand is a blend of nature and culture but today’s folk songs have lost the traditional essence as they are replete with cheesy lyrics and pop influences.

Nowadays songs such as namaste namaste, babli tero mobile and furki Band are dominating the market as they appeal to listeners not aware of Uttarakhand’s culture and more influenced by Punjabi pop and Hindi film music.

There was a time when Garhwali folk music had reached the national level with Garhwali folk singer Jeet Singh Negi whose compilation of six Garhwali songs was recorded on gramophone by HMV in 1949.
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Nodding in his plastic chair, the night watchman has a cell phone for company. I know the folk song playing on it is Garhwali and not from the mountains of Manipur or Peru only because Garhwal is where the watchman is from. The phone slips from his grip and falls on the ground, but the song goes on.

soon it will be spring –
a cricket adds its voice to
the night’s loneliness

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Haiku Culture Magazine - 2013


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