Meditation (dhyana)

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Meditation - Dhyana

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Buddha meditates –
the hungry folk
just want food

© Photo and Haiku by Gabi Greve


Meditation - Dhyana

A rose is a rose is a rose is a . . .
A rose by any other name smells as sweet . . .

You call it - meditation - dhyana - zazen- vipassana

Call it what you will - that need to go deep within one-self -

to reach the core - to feel that bliss of nothingness - is something that is common to all of us?

In short meditation is the secret of keeping one's mind uncluttered . . .
a miracle, one would say - but something that is possible.

Modern medical sciences now talk greatly of the benefits of meditation for heart patients, for expecting mothers, the list is endless . . .

Indians have always held the view that dhyana is excellent as a stress reliever and that children going for their exams need to practice meditation.

Kala Ramesh


source : facebook


Of all techniques meditation is probably the most widely used on this planet. It also is the most natural, we already do something like it every night. We create the right mindset to fall asleep, such as counting sheep, thinking about things that relax us, not thinking, etc. With this method our goal is to fall asleep, for rest, hopefully when we wake up we will feel restored and satisfied. You could say this is about giving up control.

With meditation it is pretty much the opposite. It is about taking control, taking actions that produce the desired state, and in the end becoming awakened to life's realities.

Meditation in the highest is pursuing truth, reality, soul, self, god, etc.

Meditation begins with focus. The greater our ability to focus on something the greater our ability to see it, be it, feel it, sense it, merge with it and know union with it (Yoga).

With the general technique of meditation there are many sub-techniques (watching the breath, focusing on a meditation symbol, chanting mantras, focusing on thoughts, feelings, sensations, visualizations, merging energies, puja, self inquiry, and surrender).

There is a scintillating, pulsating, vibrating reality within and without us, may we know it.

It has been my observation of others as well as my own experience that meditation at the deeper, more progressed levels is one of the greatest medicines for humankind and for an individual on a body, emotion, mind and spirit level.



Some Thoughts by Gabi Greve

To stick with our HAIKU subject, I would like to find haiku with meditation in a seasonal context, the thing that happens to you when you do it or observe it. They might even look like senryu.

I think three line aphorisms and witticisms about WHAT is meditation are not so useful for the haiku approach.

To give some rather exaggerated examples from my own experience:

morning meditation -
sneezing monks
in the cold hall
....................... See Eihei-Ji below.

summer heat-
the meditating monks
busy sweating

thoughts in my mind
freeze in the cold

sitting in Silence
Daruma meditating
in Japanese

But it can be more serious, of course. Since Meditation is very close to my dear Daruma san,
I am much in favor of this topic. Daruma Haiku.

And read about the Japanese ZEN temple Eihei-Ji.

There has been said a lot about Zen Meditation (zazen 座禅). Note that the Japanese word for meditation is MEISOO 瞑想.  
In German, we often say : Meditating is a lot better that sitting around doing nothing.

Meditieren ist immer noch besser
als rumsitzen
und nichts tun.

Anyway, about the ZEN aspect in haiku, you might want to recover these articles of myself:
ZEN and Haiku - about the Kamakura Zendo

ZEN and Haiku - short musing

ZEN and Zen-isch, McZen - Cold at Temple Eihei-Ji

Worldwide use

Things found on the way


dhyana. . .
squatting in padmasan
the yogi unmoving

vipassana . . going deep within
. . . all that remains is . .'is'

Kala Ramesh


meditation class-
he begins by contemplating
the blonde's navel

To be published in
Simply Haiku, Spring 2006, Volume 4 No. 1.

Ray Rasmussen


chuckling at my navel ... my navel chuckles back

In the "Californification" of meditation/yoga back in the mid 70s, there was a group meditation/yoga excercise that envolved belly-laughing. If memory serves, a group in a circle would lie "belly to head" (your head on someone's belly in a circle of prone bodies) and start a "belly laugh".

This would start a cascade and multiplication effect and soon bellies would be bobbing heads in an uproarious scene. Well, the more serious would get into a rhythm of breath.
Hmmmmm... I guess you had to be there!

The few times I "practiced" seem to loosen up the group into a silliness.

"chibi" (pen-name for Dennis M. Holmes)


in the mroning sun
his long shadow

at the river-front before
Buddha's half-closed eyes

R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India

Read more of R.K.Singh's haiku on meditation.


fat man meditates
with his riches around
for mental peace

a cycle rickshaw man
a song in his lips



Meditating in silence
A clear mind
All sins washed away



meditation hall --
the bumble bee is
back again

Mr. K. Ramesh


sitting zazen ... the brown lizard
....... joins us ... to contemplate mu

Simply Haiku, Vol. 2, No. 6

Johnye Strickland


Kyoto 1987

my left hand
on top of my right -
state of mind

- Shared by Freddy Ben-Arroyo -
Haiku Culture Magazine, 2013

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Anonymous said...

twentieth century
pretensions ~ meditation
centres for pennies

prayer gone
pretentious vanity grows
PadmAsana ~ alas!

Anonymous said...

in just ten days ~
thousand dollars

Gabi Greve said...


meditating in winter -
the mind crawls along
carpet patterns

© Gabi Greve


Gabi Greve said...

early morning -
meditation in snow
and sunshine

Look at my magic winter home !
GokuRakuAn Winter 2008
Gabi Greve