Papad Bread - Chapati

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Papads or Appalams or Papadums

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Paapads – The Spicy Indian crackers to crunch n munch!!

you fry them or roast them-
eat them with rice
or you eat them when hungry

you spice them up with cut onions and chilly powder
or you crush them up on a curry as decoration

you have them with your meals
or you eat them after –
any-time and all-time to crunch n munch

they come flavored
with pepper or garlic onion
with punjabi masala or red chillies!

Indians love them in all these avatars!

All over India – in each and every state the making of Papads is BIG business.

Any write on papads would be incomplete without mentioning the Shri Mahila Griha Udyog, the makers of the famous Lijjat Papad.

This is an organisation which symbolises the strength of a woman- a unique organisation of the woman, by the woman, for the woman!

Kala Ramesh, May 2006


Bengali name for it is Pnapad- the first P is nasalised.

Aju Mukhopadhyay


papads or papadum are spicy Indian crackers. while spicy by American standards they are really bland and mild by Indian standards and most American can eat them.
papads are like the American food popcorn. you have to prepare the food before eating it. but as in the case of popping popcorn papads are very easy to cook.

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Papad (also papadam, poppadom, papadum, and appalam) is an Indian and Sri Lankan flatbread. Typically, it is prepared using black gram bean flour, rice flour, or lentil flour with salt and peanut oil added. The ingredients are made into a dough and formed into a thin, round shape similar to a tortilla. As the dough is prepared, the papadum can be seasoned with a variety of different ingredients such as chilies, cumin, garlic, black pepper, or other spices.

Papadums are cooked by deep-frying in oil, which causes them to expand and crispen. They may also be cooked by roasting them over an open flame, in a toaster oven, or in a microwave oven. Depending on the cooking method they may be either soft and moist or crisp in texture.

Most often served as a complement to a main dish, they are also eaten as a snack or as an appetizer to be topped with chutney, various dips or salsas. Commonly made in different sizes, the smaller ones are for snacks and the larger variety may be used as a food wrap.

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Chapati, Chapatti, or Chapathi
(Urdu: چپاتی, Hindi: चपाती, Bengali: চাপাটি, Tamil: சப்பாத்தி, Kannada: ಚಪಾತಿ, Malayalam: ചപ്പാത്തി, Telugu: చపాతీ, Marathi: पोळी, Punjabi: ਚਪਾਤੀ [tʃəpɑt̪i]; Turkmen: Çapady) is an unleavened flatbread (also known as roti) from the Indian subcontinent.
It is a common staple of cuisine in South Asia as well as amongst Indian expatriates throughout the world. Versions of the dish are also found in Central Asia and the Horn of Africa, with the laobing flatbread serving as a local variation in China. Chapati is known as doday in Pashtun.
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barley moon . . .
a child picks up a moldy chapati
from the rubbish

- Shared by Sandip Sital Chauhan -
Joys of Japan, September 2012


Roti is generally a South Asian bread made from stone ground wholemeal flour, traditionally known as atta flour, that originated and is consumed in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,Nepal, and Sri Lanka..The word roti is derived from the Sanskrit word (roṭikā), meaning "bread."The traditional flat bread originating from the Indian subcontinent is commonly known as roti; pronounced "rho tee". It is normally eaten with cooked vegetables it can be called a carrier for curries or cooked vegetables. It is made most often from wheat flour, cooked on a flat or slightly concave iron griddle called a tawa. It is similar to the tortilla in appearance. Like breads around the world, roti is a staple accompaniment to other foods, and may be spread with ghee (clarified butter).
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smoke rises
while making rotis -
the slap of her hands

Angelee Deodhar

roti flipped from
a sizzling hot tawah...
pepper; yes or no

gillena cox, Trinidad

roti is one of our biggest selling fast foods here in Trinidad, it is sold stuffed with a vegetable or meat curry

Dhal Puri Roti
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Worldwide use

Things found on the way


beach dinner:
the papad in her hands
dwarfs the moon!

Kala Ramesh, India


Indians relish that
crispy tasty golden slim
ubiquitous pappad.

Aju Mukhopadhyay, India

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roti flipped from
a sizzling hot tawah...
pepper; yes or no

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