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Nikhil Parekh

At his current age 28, Nikhil Parekh, poet from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, has entered Limca Book of World Records India -which is only second in official world rankings to Guinness Book of World Records . Entered as world record holder for most number of letters written to and received from World Leaders and World Organizations. This category of record was created for the first time in 16 yr old history of the Limca book !

(Parekh composed thousands of poems on global topics such as peace-anti terror-hiv-aids-immortal love-environment & wildlife conservation-tsunami-blindness..etc.--then wrote thousands of letters and emails sharing these poems of his and his poetry books containing them, with world leaders and organizations of several countries--- appx. 160 of them replied back and accoladed him for which he has now entered Limca Book of World Records 2006 ) .

He has also been featured as the only Indian in the Top 10 Poems/Poet rankings at the Global Readers Poll conducted by Preditors & Editors- US for the years 2004 and 2005 and his website nikhilparekh.com which has been awarded authors website of excellence award by the Preditors and Editors has been included in the P & E's top lists of alltime websites of distinction. (Preditors and Editors is the World's top readers poll for authors writing in all genres).

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By nikhilparekh

An infinite playgrounds of exuberantly rhapsodic smiles; An infinite coffins of inexplicably aggrieving tears,

An infinite gorges of unprecedentedly unceasing ecstasy; An infinite mortuaries of remorsefully decrepit sullenness,

An infinite skies of celestially everlasting enchantment; An infinite barren slopes of debasingly slithering and demonic scorpions,

An infinite entrenchments of majestically resplendent accolades; An infinite begging bowls of horrendously ghastly impoverishment and threadbare disdain,

An infinite temples of unconquerably Omnipotent heavenliness; An infinite cadaverously traumatic spirits; marauding ghoulishly into the impeccable soul,

An infinite anecdotes of gorgeously perennial prosperity; An infinite crutches of bizarrely debilitating and acrimoniously disastrous leprosy,

An infinite meadows of tantalizingly tingling freshness; An infinite dungeons uxoriously dumped with pugnacious feces and ominously lackluster indolence,

An infinite valleys of ingeniously royal inventions; An infinite fecklessly frigid and insipidly sedentary stones; lying crumpled beneath the cacophonically groaning donkey’s hide,

An infinite roses of invincibly enamoring scent; An infinite whiplashes of unsavorily brutal dereliction and pathetically subjugating politics,

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Just wanted to share with you that I have now appeared in "Gujarat Times" for a Half Page article. This Newspaper is published as a news weekly, once every week from New York.

Gujarat Times is of course the biggest newspaper for Gujarati's and NRI Gujaratis living in New York and Toronto, Canada in Gujarati Language today.

Nikhil Parekh


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