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Radhey Shiam


Radhey Shiam resides in Inda, with his wife. He is an artist/writer of noble lineage and Ghandian thinking. His spiritual parents instilled in him a love for literature, strong work ethics and an inherent interest in his country’s struggle for freedom.

Considered one of the top ten Haikukars of India, Radhey contributes to Hindi and Urdu publications. Besides Haiku, his favorite metres are Tanka, Sadoka, Senru and Choka.

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Song of Life
I.S.B.N: 81-7276-312-3

About the book:
The book presents the essence of life in a practical manner. It unravels the mysteries of life, soul religion and answers questions, provides tips .The songs are portrayed with sketches from the common life and generates good spiritual currents within to produce tranquillity of mind.

More details:
There are over a hundred songs of various topics and subjects. Ranging from emotions to nature to God, the songs have great indepth feelings which perhaps only those with a poetic bent of mind may be able to understand, appreciate and love. The songs are poetical and charming.

It is helpful to those struggling with variations of life, darkness of delusion, mysteries of myths, rituals, faiths and belief etc.It is a book for every thinking person, aspirant of divine life, most valuable to beginners for spiritual practice in everyday life.

For those who crave for divine life 'SONG OF LIFE' by Radhey Shiam is reading pleasure, leading one to harmonious living. It contains no direct and dry discussions on any religion, either of the East or of the West, but answers most of the philosophical riddles confronting the seeker as well as gives clear and beautiful word pictures of conceptions and doctrines of religions, leading one to the realization of the ultimate truth in its simple and unique style, rarely seen. The book presents essence of life in a picturesque style. 'Ye Hark. Life if not a bubble, but the very water of endless ocean ever roaring and ever rolling with a joyous and eternal ease. It is not a spark but the very flame of the eternal fire that warms up the universe.'


last ball four runs
a sixer
excited loud applause



.................. SILENCE

rat gnaws book pages
deep silence

fall leaves
move along with silence
of rippling currents

a trail of light
disappears into silence
of starry splendour

silence awake
mind asleep
I romance with peace

flowers fade away
one by one
In deep silence

star winkle
midnight blue
deep silence

.................. Silence (Maun)

garden of silence
wisdom flowers
fragrance of joyous ease

silence a rare art
of wise conversation
in galaxy of art

sweetness of silence
essence of all goodness
brighten consciousness

Himalaya's speaking silence
reveals eternal truth
in solemn silence

space of silence
galaxy of imaginations
luminous stars creations

a wordless wonder
the voice of god

See : Silence (maun)


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