Ramesh Kaniparambil

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Kaniparambil Ramesh

K. Ramesh (K for Kaniparambil) writes haiku, tanka and free verse.

His poems have appeared in Still, Frogpond, Mayfly, The Heron's Nest, Haiku Presence, Snapshots, Paper Wasp, Acorn, Lynx, Bottle Rockets, American Tanka, Haiku Novine, Asahi, Mainichi Daily News, Tinywords, Modern Haiku (accepted for publication) and in other magazines that publish short poetry.

Some of his works have appeared in the following anthologies : 'Pegging The Wind', published by the Red Moon Press and in 'Wild flowers & New Leaves', an anthology brought out by the World Haiku Club.

He works as a teacher in a J Krishnamurti school in Chennai, India.
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Haiku: Art of Perception
K. Ramesh The School, Chennai, India

At the outset, I would like to explore the meaning of the word 'communion', which Krishnamurti often used in his writing. One of the meanings offered by the dictionary is 'fellowship with others'.Years ago, when I started reading K's books, apart from the psychological insights, I was enthralled by the sheer beauty of his description of the natural world. The description revealed to me his keen sense of perception, his love of nature and his deep sensitivity. I also felt that his writing was not just a mere description of the physical world, but had a transcendental quality, and his words had a certain freshness. I began to understand the implication of the meaning of the word 'communion', and this communion with nature became very important to me.

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WKD Library Nr. 153

............................ Haiku and Tanka

friend's house-
I make tea
for both of us


starlit sky-
I touch a turtle before
it enters the sea

(The Heron's Nest, Editor's choice 2004)

a cuckoo's call deepens
the silence


a village asleep-
moonlit lanes
between the houses

(Haiku Presence)

leafless tree-
...the sea
visible again

(Haiku Novine)

a boy brings down
his kite

Runners up, Blyth Award, World Haiku Club

monday morning-
a bird escapes from
the cat's grip

Frogpond fall issue 2005

searching for coins
in my pocket-
red seeds
collected by
my little daughter

(American Tanka issue 11)


August 2007
Recently Red Moon Press published his first collection of haiku titled, Soap bubbles. The book includes ninety poems which have appeared in international haiku journals:

Title : Soap Bubbles

Publisher: Red Moon Press
ISBN : 978-1-893959-63-7
Edited by: Jim Kacian
Art work on the covers by Dr Angelee Deodhar
Introduction/preface by Christopher Herold

Comments on the cover:

"These are poems about edges of things;the dawn and dusks, the curve of a water jug, the ocean shore. That these poems from India are so immediately available to readers around the world speaks movingly of the power of the tiny haiku in the hands of a true communicator."

John Stevenson
(Editor, Frogpond)


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