Mohammed Fakhruddin

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Mohammed Fakhruddin

Self exploration
Leads one to the inner space…
Insight through vision.



Some excerpts from
REVIEW By Dr Shujaat Hussain (Aligarh, India)
(with permission of Dr. Fakhruddin, October 2005)

Dr Fakhruddin is one of the most original, energetic and sincere poets in English. He has appeared on the scene at the right time to represent, rejuvenate and enrich English poetry. His poetry has the vigour, freshness and jest of an imaginative man keenly alive to the possessed with a penetrating insight into a wide variety of experience. His poetry is an embodiment of marvellous themes and shows a mastery over technique.

That's why he is unequivocally universally recognised today as one of the great poets of English poetry in Asia. Dr Mohammed Fakhruddin may be regarded as the true father of Haiku in the subcontinent. If it is spreading its wings, the credit entirely goes to him who is tirelessly working day in and day out. He possesses grace, ease, sincerity, and a genuine character reflecting the admirable spirit. He is a man of many parts.

The world knows him as Dr Mohammed Fakhruddin -- a film scriptwriter and director by choice, an editor by compulsion, a poet by conviction, President of Haiku Society of India and also figures on the Who's Who in the world by Marquis, US and so many designations and glories are attached to his name. He is a writer and publisher of 21 books on poetry and poetics and recipient of many national and international awards .. all rolled into one.

This, however, is an excellent and enjoyable book. It is not only cheering for any Haiku writer and lover to read -- one to boost himself / herself esteem when he is feeling down -- but it is also, for anyone interested, an invaluable guide to the curious ways and practices of the Haiku genre by a gifted writer and knows what he is talking about.

Mind is a diamond
Cosmic rays when made to pass,
Creates a spectrum!

Essentially, Haiku is a form of Imagist poetry.

Love is a white dove
Which leads life to peace sublime.
Night is dark shadow.

Haiku is a creation. Dr Fakhruddin is the architect of it.
But all the elements (material) are found in the book such as poetry itself, rhyme, rhythm, meter, melody, music, syllables, vowels, syntax, symbols, imagination and the like. Without having the perfect Knowledge of all these ingredients of Haiku one cannot imagine to be a poet. Haiku is just like a body but the Introduction of his book is "soul". If it thrills, excites for it, soul plays an important role to make them alive, fresh and fascinating.

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Mohammed Fakhruddin is the editor of

Dr. Mohammed Fakhruddin was born on March 6, 1942, in Mulbagal, Kolar district, Karnataka, India; the son of Hakeem Shaik Hussain and Fatima Bi, now deceased, of Bangalore, India. He passed high school and completed B. Sc, course at the Government Arts and Science College of Bangalore University. In March of 1982, the World University of Tucson, Arizona, U. S. A, conferred a Doctorate of Literature (D. Lit) upon him.

Read his biography and list of books here
Mohammed Fakhruddin -


I see this dark night
a big hole in the heavens
through the milky site.

Siyah Raat Eh Dekhoon
Ek Bada Rozan Aasmaan
Hai Beech Kahkashaan Ke.

Look at the haiga to go with this haiku



BANGALORE, INDIA 27, September 2008



The Haiku Scene of India


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