Pune Meet 2006


World Haiku Club India


its first Meet of Indian Haiku Poets in Pune, India

Deriving its name from Punya Nagari meaning the city of virtuous deeds,
Pune was the chosen city for the Pune–Okayama friendship Garden,
the venue of this meet


a weekend camp. workshop. sanctuary. retreat.

in association with
The Association of Friends of Japan, Pune
The Pune Municipal Corporation

P. L. Deshpande’s
The Pune - Okayama Friendship Garden
Sinhagad Road, Pune, India

9th and 10th December, 2006
9 AM to 7.30 PM


* Workshops in the art of haiku and haibun

* Presentations and Dialogues

* A Panel Discussion

* Short heritage camps in bonsai, ikebana, origami,
... calligraphy, Japanese Tea ceremony

* Book Launches

* Ginkoo – a Haiku walk in silence through the garden

* A"six season" dance recital in kathak

* Indian food

* Darjeeling tea and strong South Indian coffee

Haiku originated as a collaborative art form. Through this joint effort we hope this camp will awaken the spirit of haiku and blossom into a nurturing movement.
Do join us! All are invited. Suggestions welcome.

For details contact:
Kala Ramesh - kalaramesh .....


Report of the First Meeting

Introducing the Pune-Okayama Friendship Garden
Japanese and English

Biographies and more info about the participants



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Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton for putting up our INVITE!

You've done a great job with it GABI.
Your enthusiasm is infectious!

Isabelle said...

Kala san, this is WONDERFUL!

It looks like the makings of a beautiful day. Very best wishes for the many preparations ahead of you -- and hoping you will really *enjoy* the occasion.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kala,

northwest winter...
a gift of spice
from India

A haibun, Kala...keep every moment and share it with us. I know it will be a wonderful experience.

Carole MacRury

Anonymous said...

Dear Carole,

I will try to share every moment and I guess the other members too can pitch in with their experiences!

It is our First - so it becomes special like the first child?!
But it is going to be on very humble lines but still having made the beginning - I know it's going to be great fun meeting our fellow
poets from India.

first frost-
our handshake
passes the warmth


Gabi Greve said...

I'll take this opportunity to wish you and the other members of
WHCindia every success with your meeting in Pune this weekend. You
will all be in my thoughts!

closing my eyes -
somehow the fragrance
of lodhra trees


This will be so exciting indeed !

Pune and Okayama -
bound together in the
World Haiku Spirit

All the best to the first Meet of Indian Haiku Poets in Pune, India
9th and 10th December, 2006

Gabi Greve, Japan, December 7 2007

Gabi Greve said...

> my German bones
> aching in Japanese winter wind...
> thoughts on brahman

Paraphrased from a haiku for this occasion by Susumu Takiguchi.

With best wishes for your great days ahead!

GABI on Saturday Morning in Japan

Gabi Greve said...


冬の朝 暑い国の 友思う

fuyu no asa
atsui kuni no
tomo omou

cold winter morning <>
thinking of my friends
in a warmer country

Best wishes to your second day of the meeting !

Gabi from Japan
December 10, 2006


Isabelle said...

With you in spirit, Kala san and friends, as you enjoy this wonderful occasion and the international friendship it brings!

weaving the bands
of haiku friendship --
each brings a gift

Greetings from Kenya and Ireland,

Unknown said...

Best wishes !!!
I would like to attend:
" Short heritage camps in bonsai, ikebana, origami"
Where can i get more detailed info about the same?

Anonymous said...

Dear Smita,

The World Haiku Festival, India 2008


Here is more

Hope this helps !