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The Haiku Scene in Tamil

Paper Presented at the 9th World Haiku Festival
Held at Bangalore (India) in February 2008
..... The earliest period of the categories into which the Tamil scholars categorize the Tamil literature and language, , is the Sangam period which dates between 100 BC and 300 AD and the literature contains about 50,000 lines of poetry contained in 2381 poems attributed to 473 poets including many women poets.

Tamil was independent of Sanskrit . Much later, Tamil was influenced by Sanskrit in terms of vocabulary, grammar and literary styles . Some words were also borrowed from Persian, Portuguese, Dutch and Arabic .

... Here are a few initial facts about the Haiku scene in Tamil before we move on to look at some Haiku.

In 1916, the great Subramanya Bharathi brought Haiku to the attention of the Tamil public through an article he wrote in Swadesamitran in its 16th October 1916 issue.

K S Venkatramani in his book Paper Boats (first published in 1921) in its second edition in 1925 wrote as quoted below- perhaps the first ever Haiku written in Tamil, though Venkatramani himself does not claim so.

the corners cut
paper boat
I float again

source : http://voices.yahoo.com


An Introduction to Haiku Poems of
Poet Amuthabarathi

Haiku,a Japanese genre ,has now become a universal literary trend,by its deep impact in many languages.Subramania Bharati,the morning star of modern Tamil poetry,had appreciated this and had published some translations of Japanese Haiku in Tamil.Bharatidasan,had also appreciated this genre.But these great poets did not venture to follow this Haiku in Tamil.

Amuthabharati or Amuthon ,a modern poet who belongs to Bharatidasan school is the pioneer to introduce Haiku as a literary genre in Tamil.

He has brought four volumes of Haiku poetry in Tamil,which were ,first published in literary journals and later were compiled as a volume and got published.Here are some of the Haiku poems written by Amutha bharati.

For a time-pause
He played cards
Heavy loss..! Friendship!

Even though heavily attacked
By the chisel
The stone laughs...as Statue!

Class room
The child observes with rapt attention
A cloud through the window!

A guest visited
She sacrificed her life

A huge naked figure

A long talk

Standing in the scorching sun
Protecting us by its shadows

source : voices.yahoo.com, 2008

Senryu Poems in Tamil

Thamizhanban's compilation of Senryu poems in Tamil titled
"A Truckload of Senryu"
is a pioneer attempt to give senryu poems in Tamil and now there are many followers in this trend.

One hundred Mirrors
He who had looked through these
Had just gone to buy a new face.

source : http://voices.yahoo.com/senryu-poems


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