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Philosophical Haiku from India

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Haiku are best from real life experience, a snapshot of a moment lived to the fullest.
Yet they can have philosophical implications ... even with a kigo !

Gabi Greve, July 2006


Thoughts by Narayanan Ragunathan

"Rtam" san is one of the most commonly occuring words in the Vedas.
Western scholars tended to give it various meanings idiosyncratically to accomodate their rather dull view of the vedic ages as primitive animistic natives reciting vague things, engaged in barbaric sacrifices and to whom church doctrines must be taught. This is not surprising since majority of them were church send scholars who wanted to convert the whole of India to Christianity.

The Divine Order Of Things ~

Something Like "Mu" ~ a very heavy power word!

The English word "Rhythm" is derived from this word.
The Sanskrit [RTU} [Season] too is derived from Rtam (ritam).
"Yasya tad Rtam anusarathi tad Rtu" [ That which moves in accordance (co-union) with (obeys} The Rtam is [Rtu ] My etymological reading~

The Woman who becomes re-aligned to the seasons, one who starts her menstural periods is called RTU-MATI. One, who in whom the cosmic season shows, one in whom the Rtam pervades and manifests.
Rtu + Mati { "Mati" Is Divine Intelligence]
So literally one who becomes universally intelligent [aware] about Rtam.

"Yasya Saam Rtam pravishyathi saa Rtu-mati"
In which woman the Rtam has entered she is Rtu-mati
[Again my deconstruction]

Sri Aurobindo has clarified this Truth about "Rtam" remarkably in His two books "Hymns To The Mystic Fire" and "The Secret Of The Vedas" in relation to the Vedic Scriptures. His esteemed disciple
Kaapaali Shaastri (a Vedic Scholar) has translated the vedas in their divine metaphysical sense as envisioned and demonstarted by Sri Aurobindo who is considered a Yuga Avataar ~
He is my Guru also: he initiated me in a dream thirty years ago.

rtam avyayam rtam poornam rtam aanandam
rtam naarayana kavcham shuddham sanaatanam
rtam layam rtam nyaasam anunyaasam
rtam saama ghosha pravaham shubham
rtam shivalokaanandam rtam parabrahma beejam
rtam shiva shakthi rati rahasyam
rtam anaadi spandagraham shaashvatham
rtam idam pratyaksham parmaartha rahasyam.
rtam mahaashista kaalachakram
rtam sathyam sthanum dattam purusham

I made this mantra in honour of this occassion

rtam undefined rtam, the whole, rtam is divine delight
rtam is lord naarayana'a kavacham,[armour] pure eternal
rtam is rhythm, rtam is elucidations and sub elucidations
rtam is the fierce burst of saama mantrams, ever auspicious.
rtam is the delight oF shiva lokas[ worlds] rtam is the seed of para
rtam is shiva's shakthi's sacred erotic love secrets
rtam pervades pre-primordial spanda grahas [ cosmoses of timeless
vibrations] eternal
rtam is the great residual cycle of the cosmoses
rtam is the supreme sacred secret revealed here in this moment,
rtam is truth steadfast even benign purusha[ the divine cosmic man] ~

Om ~ Mownam ~
Narayanan Ragunathan, July 2006


Worldwide use

Twentieth Century Japanese Philosophical Haiku
By Hugh Bygott

Shiki : Sponge-Gourd

Kyoshi : Freezing Butterfly

Usuda : Going to Die

Soseki : Chrysanthemum

Hekigodo : Fly-Swatter

Hekigodo : Munching Apples

Things found on the way


sipping the universe
the stars in my wineglass

Gabi Greve


yin and yang
sleeping in one bed -
my two cats

Gabi Greve


A sequence by Kala Ramesh

new year eve:
not any different
the same I

Hindu philosophy talks of doing away with one's ego . . .

and yet She springs up
with blossoms

'She' here refers to Mother earth
According to Indian philosophy, time since Creation is divided into four major eras. Kaliyug is the present era, where human beings show scant respect to nature


winter temple -
our desires twirl around
the incense sticks

Written after a visit to a Buddhist temple at Hong Kong – where unlike in India, devotees pray holding a wad of incense sticks before the Buddha idol

First published in Haiku Harvest – Summer 06

Kala Ramesh, July 2006

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Gabi Greve said...

Everything is there;
you have to put them in the
right place to create.

© Aju Mukhopadhyay, India, 2007

Haiku Quotes and Philosophy
Gabi Greve

Anonymous said...

the flow ...
I am
my own river

Ella Wagemakers
*who discovered, among other truths, that God is not the way they described him in Primary School.

Anonymous said...

deep in my soul
the most soundless
of mantras

Ella Wagemakers
*Haikus like these should be written before dinnertime! :>)

Anonymous said...

Yet another desire
takes wings and soars
sky high

S. Abburi, Hyderabad


Anonymous said...

autumn night -
don't think your life
didn't matter

Matsuo Basho